My 2017 Tea Resolutions

Image 1Go for the exotic.  With the world, or in this case Tea, at my fingertips I have a tendency to get stuck on just one Tea.  In this case the Tea has been Golden Monkey; which serves as my happy wake-up call each morning.  It pains me to think of waking up to anything other than this beautiful Yunnan black tea with its light and delicately surprising fruity notes; it just makes the start of my day great.  But like I said, this year I want to dip into my exotic collection of Teas on a daily basis, instead of coveting them away for once a year special occasions.

One might think that it is the expense of these Teas that has held me at bay; however it really has been a timing issue.  Exotics like A Li Shan,  Phoenix Pearls or even a Dan Chong Oolong, have flavor profiles so immense that I find I like to take my time, from the begin of the cup to the end; as I follow along the winding exchange of floral and fruity notes.  Maybe my New Year’s resolutions is better defined as, I intend to take my time in the morning to smell the Tea leaves and enjoy my exotic Tea collection.  Let me know your 2012 Tea resolution?


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